3C product machining tools

Global 3C industry market is growing year by year, materials are constantly being replaced with new ones, and the machining technology of 3C products such as mobile phones will also change with different materials. Therefore, cutting tools need to be constantly innovated to apply to new materials and new processes.

The following is an introduction to special machining tools:

  1. Forming end mills: The flute profile is an end mill designed according to the workpiece profile. It can ensure the dimensional accuracy, consistent shape and high productivity of the workpiece being processed.
  2. Rough end mills: Tooth design, high tooth strength, anti-vibration during milling, large chip space and the ability to quickly remove a large amount of metal. It is suitable for heavy milling, which will produce a rough surface after machining.
  3. Dovetail end mills: It is suitable for milling angles in workpiece grooves, such as milling T-shaped dovetail grooves and removing residual material from work.
  4. Micro precision drills: The special shape of the screw groove has small thrust and good chip removal, and the shank diameter is larger than the flute diameter, making it easy to clamp.
  5. Tappings: A drill bit that looks like a thread and can be used to create screw inner holes.
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