Tungsten Carbide CNC Cutting Tools

Tungsten Carbide CNC Cutting Tools
Wey Juan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and built the brand WEY JUAN. It mainly produces various different tungsten carbide cutting tools such as end mills, drill bits, and reamers. In addition, we sell tool holders, collets and spare parts to professionally serve the customers in Taiwan, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, South Africa, Australia and other countries. Moreover, we provide OEM services for foreign brands.
Wey Juan Technology Co., Ltd.
Provide solutions for various industries
Wey Juan tungsten carbide end mills can be used for high hardness, high speed machining and cutting of soft metals as well as steel, cast iron, alloys, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel, superalloys, hardened iron, copper, and aluminum alloys, etc. Wey Juan end mills can be used in a variety of industries, such as molds, machinery and electronic hardware parts, automobiles and motorcycles, semiconductors, aerospace, optical and optoelectronics industry, sports equipment, biotechnology and medical industry and other industries that require high precision CNC machining.
Advanced production technology
Rigorous quality control system
After years of efforts, "Wey Juan" has become the famous brand in the industry and one of the major suppliers in the end mills market. Wey Juan uses tungsten carbide rods imported from Germany and Japan, and grinds them with "TTB&ROLLOMATIC" machines from Germany and Switzerland. From materials to goods, we have set up various quality inspection standards and measurement systems in order to provide customers with more accurate inspection reports. We use German measuring instrument ZOLLER to measure all aspects of the tools to ensure the consistency of the quality of each product. In addition, our R&D team is dedicated to the testing of all kinds of tools to ensure the quality and service life of the tools.
Customized Service
In addition to manufacturing standardized tools used in the market, Wey Juan specializes in the customization of various types of forming tools. We provide customers with customized tools consulting services and produce customized tools according to the machining needs of different industries. The smallest diameter of the end mills can reach 0.1 mm, and the highest hardness can be up to HRC 68.

With high quality, sufficient stock and competitive price, Wey Juan tungsten carbide end mills can definitely meet your needs.
Tools Production Process
Step 1Materials used
High quality tungsten carbide rods imported from Germany and Japan.
High quality tungsten carbide rods imported from Germany and Japan.
Step 2Tools Manufacturing
Length Cutting
Cutting tools to the length required by the customer.
Polishing of rods.
The round rod is polished.
Before grinding the forming end mill, the polished rods should be processed into semi-finished products such as spheres, segments differential, effective length or other forming tools as required.
Tool Forming and Grinding
We use German and Swiss TTB & ROLLOMATIC high-precision digitally controlled grinding and cutting equipment to grind tools.
Step 3Coating treatment
According to the different needs of customers, a variety of coating options are provided.
Step 4Quality inspection
德國 ZOLLER刀具品質檢測
All-round measurement of tools with ZOLLER from Germany.
Step 5Packaging
The qualified end mill will be put into the tool box with WJ’s logo, model number and specification sticker on the outside of the box.