As a manufacturer that has been dedicated to the professional production of end mills, Wey Juan provides milling and cutting tools to customers in various industries.

The high-quality cutting tools we provide help customers in the semiconductor, medical, aerospace, satellite, defense, automotive and other industries solve their high-precision CNC machining needs.

Wey Juan provides the cutting requirements for different materials such as steel, iron, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel, superalloy, hardened steel, copper, aluminum alloy, vitallium alloy steel, plastic and plastic fiber. Each tool undergoes strict quality control and has excellent quality and price competitiveness.

Whether your workpiece is small batch, high production or R&D work, we are willing to customize the tools for you.

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End Mills
Dental Drills, High-speed Drills, Solid Carbide Drills
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Solid Carbide Reamers, Straight Shank Rreamers
Disposable Milling Cutter Arbor, Cutter Accessories, Bore Diameter, Boring Set
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Technical Data