Aerospace and medical tools

The parts used in the aviation industry not only adopt many new structures, new technologies and new materials, but also have complex configurations and good rigidity.
These factors contribute to the fact that the mechanical machining of engines and other components must be carried out using a large number of high-performance standard end mills and specialized tungsten carbide end mills.

The following is an introduction to special machining tools:

  1. Forming end mills: The flute profile is an end mill designed according to the workpiece profile, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy, consistent shape and high productivity of the workpiece being processed.
  2. Half end mills: It can be used for engraving and grooves, and can carve exquisite details.
  3. Single flute end mills: Single flute end mills are ideal for applications that require fast, high-volume material removal. When it comes to roughing, the unique single-edge design creates more space for chip evacuation, allowing for high feed rates and high chip loads.
  4. Dovetail end mills: It is suitable for milling angles in workpiece grooves, such as milling T-shaped dovetail grooves and removing residual material from the work.
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