Automotive, Motorcycle (bicycle) Industrial Machining Tools

Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, the automobile parts manufacturing industry has become the largest and most important user of the machine tool and cutting tool industry. There are many types of car parts and they require different tools to manufacture.

The following is an introduction to special machining tools:

  1. Forming end mills: An end mill whose flute profile is designed according to the profile of the workpiece. It can ensure the dimensional accuracy, shape consistency and high productivity of the workpiece being processed.
  2. Drills with internal coolant hole: In the automobile and motorcycle (including bicycle) industries, drills with Internal coolant hole are usually used to drill parts such as engines, gearboxes, steering gears, etc. The functions of oil holes and water outlets are to ensure the supply of grease and water coolant of circulation.
  3. Thread end mills: When milling threads, the tooth milling cutter can be used to process workpieces with left or right threads and process internal and external threads of different diameters to maximize machining efficiency.
  4. Drilling reamers: precise and perfect hole machining, which can enlarge the hole or reduce the shape.
  5. Step drills: One drill can be used as multiple drills, which can process holes of different diameters according to the demand, and can complete the machining of large holes at one time without replacing the drill and drilling the positioning holes.
  6. Reamers: It has the same cutting speed as a drill bits and combines cutting ability with an attractive finishing surface.
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